Corporate English language training:

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Learning English at Cicerone Language School is getting new knowledge. And new knowledge gives new opportunities.

Why should you you trust Cicerone Language School? Cicerone?

Many years of experience.

19 years of experience
in corporate
English language training


All teachers of the
school have a master
degree in philology

Degrees with distinction

Most school
teachers received their
Diploma with distinction

CELTA certificate

Many of the school's
teachers have received CELTA*
certification in the UK

All Of Ukraine

We work
successfully throughout


Cicerone Language School
is one of the 100 best
companies in Ukraine


Our clients are
are successful international and
Ukrainian companies

Any Language
Any language

We organize
training in any language

Our students

95% of our students successfully
complete the program from
beginner A1 to
upper-intermediate B2

CELTA (Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages) qualification in the field of English language teaching.
The CELTA certificate is issued by the University of Cambridge and is recognized worldwide.

5 steps to success
for your employees

Initial consultation and discussion of all issues.


Initial test to determine the level of knowledge.


Defining learning goals and drawing up an individual curriculum.


Monitoring the quality of education and adjusting the curriculum.


English language testing and certification.


6 equally effective training formats


Classes in your area in a familiar environment. We come to your office


Individual and group classes (groups of 2-4 people) from anywhere in the world. Class schedule by mutual agreement.

Group training

Classes in groups of 2-8 people in your area or in our comfortable office in the center of Kiev.

Individual training

Individual lessons with a teacher. Maximum immersion in the learning process.

Intensive training

Group or individual intensive study. Minimum time - maximum knowledge

Speaking club

All skills (grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking) are practiced in a communicative way in a group of up to 10 people

Independent assessment

Independent assessment of employees for the level of knowledge of foreign languages. For any task of any complexity and any business.

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We have been testing the staff of companies since 2005

Testing on the FlexiQuiz platform

Author's database of tests

One test allows you to determine the level from beginner to advanced

We test in Ukraine, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia and other countries

Report on the current level of knowledge and recommendations for the training program

We have everything you need to determine the language competence of your employees.


Testing objectives:

Determining the level of knowledge of the employees when hiring them.

Monitor the effectiveness of learning a foreign language by your employees.

Identifying employees who can be trusted to work with foreign clients.

What do we assess?

Initial Assessment Test - the level of language proficiency.
This test is conducted when hiring an employee or choosing a training program.

Final Assessment Test - the level of language proficiency after graduation.
This test is conducted after completing a foreign language course.

Testing of full-time employees.
It helps to determine the appropriateness of the level of knowledge of a foreign language in accordance with the position held by the employee.

How do we assess?

Written test
checking the level of grammar and vocabulary.
Duration - 45 minutes.

Oral test
a assessment of spoken language skills and listening comprehension. Duration - 5-7 minutes.

Levelsof foreign
language proficiency

Beginner (A1)

The employee has not previously studied a foreign language.

Low-elementary (A1-A2)

The employee understands simple words and knows some grammatical phenomena.

Elementary (A2)

The employee is able to ask simple questions and understand simple language. He does not take an active part in business meetings.

Pre-intermediate (A2-B1)

An employee can tell foreign colleagues about his work, company or product. Can support conversation on topics familiar to him, but has difficulty speaking on in-depth topics. He understands the presentations of foreign colleagues well. Practically does not take part in discussions during meetings.ч

Intermediate (B1)

The employee can communicate with foreign colleagues, make phone calls and simple presentations. He needs to focus when talking to several participants, but he can understand what the conversation is about. Poor understanding of information not related to the main work. In meetings, he can take part in discussions, express his views, offer a way out of the situation, explain the conditions and come up with ideas, but it takes some time.

Upper-intermediate (B2)

Confidently makes business phone calls. At meetings he understands in-depth discussion of problems on a familiar topic. Able to make detailed presentations and deal with direct thematic issues. Experiencing difficulties in conducting negotiations and interviews.

Advanced (C1)

Can work effectively with native speakers, give clear and detailed presentations, make reports and work on related issues. The employee feels confident in the negotiations. Can follow the progress of the meeting and offer their ideas without an interpreter.

Corporate English language training programm

General Course

Общий курс
For whom.

For all your employees, regardless of their position and status.

The purpose of the course.

To remove the “language barrier” and psychological discomfort when communicating in English.

The general course develops all the basic skills:

  • spoken language
  • listening comprehension
  • reading and writing

The result of the training.

After completing the course, your staff will be able to:

  • communicate in English on common topics during business trips
  • communicate and correspond with colleagues, foreign partners and clients

Business course

For whom.

For employees responsible for business processes. It is recommended to study the course starting from the level A2-B1.

The purpose of the course.

The study and application of general and specialized business vocabulary.

This course focuses on the study of business vocabulary, the use of specific vocabulary, discussions and debates, presentations, business meetings that imitate real business situations.

The result of the training.

Free communication with foreign colleagues during standard business situations:

  • business meetings
  • project presentations
  • concluding contracts

Specialized course

Специализированный курс
For whom.

For specialists in various business fields who use specialized topics in their work.

These are courses for:

  • HR specialists
  • specialists in the field of logistics
  • IT specialists
  • agribusinessmen
  • accountants
  • economists
  • finance specialists
  • lawyers
  • specialists in the gas and oil refining industries

The purpose of the course.

The study of profile topics.

The result of the training.

After completing the course, your employees will be able to communicate on relevant business topics with foreign colleagues.

  • Trial demo lesson.
  • Free oral and written assessment. Oral test - live or by phone, Viber, Skype. Written test - live or online.
  • Individual training program.
  • Adapt the training program according to the needs of your employees.
  • Selection and replacement of the teacher on the first demand.
  • Personal training manager.
  • Personal account manager.
  • Monitoring the quality of training: initial assessment, control of attendance and performance, intermediate assessment of knowledge and final assessment.
  • 24-hour access to the site with educational materials.
  • Personal certificate of successful English language testing.
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